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Pool Cue Racks

We stock and sell simple but effective Pool Cue racks which can be used in home, games rooms or pubs etc. They are cost effective and work perfectly to hold you cues in place in an easy manner.


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Pool Cue Chalk

We stock and sell pool chalk for your cues, we stock 144 packs as well as 10 pack, Contact us for our chalk quantities and to order today.


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Pool Triangle

We stock and sell the classic black style pool triangle which is used for setting up the pool balls at the start of a game for the break. Contact us today to order.


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Pool Cue Tips

We stock and sell Pool cue tips, screw in tips and push in cue tips at affordable prices and perfect for replacing old broken tips on your cue. Contact us today for orders and purchasing information.


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White Balls & Black Balls

We stock and sell Pool balls, Black balls and white balls sold separately. Perfect for just replacing the one ball if it goes missing, saves you purchasing a brand new full set of balls. Contact us to purchase today.


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